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The origin of the traditionally homemade recipe.

The HOMEMADE brand was created in 1968 by Baron Von Leitner, who developed the recipe at his farm in Campos do Jordão, a mountain region in the state of São Paulo. During this period, HOMEMADE Jellies were produced entirely by hand on the site, where the fruits used in the recipes, traditionally homemade, were also grown.

The best delicatessen houses in São Paulo at the time began to take an interest in the homemade delicacy produced in Campos do Jordão and soon Geleia HOMEMADE conquered consumers throughout the state of São Paulo.

The HOMEMADE brand was acquired by CICA at the end of the 70’s, which expanded its distribution throughout Brazil. At the end of the 90’s, after a period of market dispersion and the entry of imported products into the country, two businessmen from São Paulo bought the brand and insisted on rescuing the concept present since the beginning of the manufacture of jams, the concept “made at home “, as a way of preserving the true flavor that nature provides.





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