Who we are

Our story

Homemade’s tradition and experience in the field of homemade jams make all the difference when it comes to offering the best products for you.
In the market since 1968, the brand was founded by Barão Von Leitner, responsible for creating the recipe at his farm located in Campos do Jordão, a mountain region in the state of São Paulo.

Campos do Jordão in the 60s

The recipe’s success was so great that several deli stores began to take an interest in the delicious jams produced by the baron. Because of this, in a short time, Homemade jelly won customers throughout the state and the company began to expand its distribution throughout the country.

Jam jars at the factory

At the end of the 1990s, after a period of market dispersion and the entry of imported products into the country, two businessmen from São Paulo bought the brand and insisted on rescuing the “made at home” concept present since the beginning of the manufacture of jellies as a way of to preserve the true flavor that nature provides.

Controle de Qualidade

Quality control

Homemade works to increasingly strengthen the relationship of friendship and trust it has with its client. Therefore, the special service, quality and variety of products continue to be our great differentials.

Jams ready at home


Make life sweeter.
Providing people with happier and healthier moments, making everyday life a special taste.


To be recognized as one of the best global brands of Food (Sweets).


Ethics, Credibility, Respect, Transparency, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The manufacturing process has trained employees, solid facilities, sanitaryly adequate and designed so that its flow of operations can be carried out with high standards of hygiene throughout the production process. All these cares result in a delicious jam, rich in pieces of fruit and with a natural flavor.

Frozen strawberries before being boiled

HOMEMADE aims to bring the highest quality products to each consumer. The main differential of our products is the search for the preservation of the true flavor that nature provides.

Premium Blackberry Jam Production Process

Quality control is present from the choice of raw material, which is rigorously selected, to the manufacture of the final product. For this, we have a specialized technical team and we strictly follow the principles of HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), responsible for evaluating food quality and safety, as well as the Manual of Good Manufacturing Practices GMP, with of procedures.

Steamed pots, before being distributed.

Awards and Certifications


Organic Honey and Homemade Açaí and Banana Jelly are certified organic.
The organic product seal provided by IBD Certificados (the largest authenticator in the sector in Latin America) is recognized worldwide and legitimizes the compliance of HOMEMADE ORGANIC HONEY production with international standards for the absence of chemicals and reduction of environmental damage.



HOMEMADE is “Gold”
In 2012, HOMEMADE participated brilliantly in the ABRE party, the Brazilian Packaging Association, which annually awards the institutional “ABRE Award”, internationally recognized for awarding “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” to the three most prominent packaging in its category in the respective year. The Association seeks to show that good packaging is essential for all types of products, providing people with quality of life.

This year, HOMEMADE was nominated in the “Sweet Food Packaging” categories, in which it received the most prominence, being awarded the “Gold” award. It was also nominated in the “Graphic Design – Food and Beverage Redesign”, “Form Structural Design” and “Marketing – Communication Strategy” categories, in which it received the “Silver” award.
HOMEMADE is proud to be able to offer its consumers the best in flavor and quality in an exclusive package with a differentiated and modern design.
For more information about the “ABRE Award”, visit: www.premioabre.org.br


HOMEMADE products are Kosher Certified.
This certificate is recognized worldwide as synonymous with maximum production control and is obtained through constant and thorough inspection of the production process, in the company’s facilities, as well as in the control of each supplier of the raw materials used by HOMEMADE.