About Us

Our History

Homemade’s tradition and expertise in the artisanal jam industry are crucial in offering the best products to you.
Marketed since 1968, the brand was founded by Baron Von Leitner, who developed the recipe at his place in Campos do Jordão, mountain region of the state of São Paulo.

Campos do Jordão in the 60s

The recipe was so successful that many deli stores started getting interested by the delicious jams produced by the Baron. Because of that, in a short period of time, Homemade jam conquered clients all over the state and the company began to expand its distribution throughout the country.

Jam jars at the factory

By the end of the 90’s, after a period of market pulverization and the entry of imported products in Brazil, two businessman from São Paulo bought the brand and made sure to rescue the concept present since the beginning of the jam’s manufacturing, the “homemade” concept, as a way to preserve the true flavour nature offers.

Controle de Qualidade

Quality control

Homemade increasingly works to strengthen the friendly and trustworthy relationship it has with its clients. Because of that, the customer experience, quality and variety of products remain as our biggest stand outs.

Jams ready at home


Make life sweeter.Provide people happier and healthier moments, making the day-by-day taste special.


To be recognized as one of the best global food brands (sweets).


Ethics, Credibility, Respect, Transparency, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The fabrication process contains trained workforce, solid plants, santarily adequate and projected in a way its’ operations flux can be done with high standards of hygiene throughout the entire production process.

All these cares result in a delicious jam, rich in pieces of fruit and with natural flavour.

Frozen strawberries before being boiled

HOMEMADE has as a goal to take to each consumer products of the highest quality. The biggest differential of our products is the search for the preservation of the true flavor that nature provides.

Manufacturing process of Premium Blackberries Jam

Quality control is present since the source of the raw material, that is rigorously selected, to the manufacturing of the final product. For that, we have a specialized technical team and strictly follow the principles of HACCP, Analysis of Dangers and Critical Points of Control (APPCC), responsible for evaluating quality and food safety, as well as the BFP Good Manufacturing Practices Manual, with rules of procedures.

Pots being steamed, before being distributed.