Purifruti Turma da Mônica©


Childhood is a period of intense physical, cognitive and psychological development. In order to provide a healthy life, it is of extreme importance that the child has a complete and balanced nutrition. With that in mind, the vitamin and minerals mix in the Purifruti Turma da Monica Jams was developed to enrich nutrition at this very important moment of life.

Available in the flavours strawberry, blackberry, guava, grape and Red Fruits Jam (strawberry, blackberry and pitanga), children will be delighted with Purifruti Turma da Monica Jams. Rich in fruit pulp, carbs,  mineral salts, “Iron” and “Zinc”, and vitamins “A”, “C” and “D”.


Grape Jam

Blackberry Jam

Red Fruits Jam

Strawberry Jam

Guava Jam