Gourmet Line

HOMEMADE’S gourmet line brings delicious and unique flavours for you to be able to dare and spread even more happiness on your day to day 


Along with cheese, tapioca bites or animal protein, its delicate spicy touch and velours texture make any dish more delicious.

Tomato, Pepper and Lemon Jam

Spreaded in sandwiches, meat or at a cheese board, this combination always aggregates flavour to every bite.

Mint Jam

Perfect topping for filet mignon beef or goat cheese, its fresh flavour it’s a highlight of anyone’s day.

Pineapple with Mint Jam

The pineapple’s refreshing flavor combined with the smell of spearmint make this jam the perfect combination for fish, bbq’s and cheese.


Gourmet Pepper Jam

Mint Jam

Pineapple with Mint Jam

Gourmet Tomato, Pepper and Lemon Jam